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Past Events: ( 17-06-18 )

Photo Competition 2018 Winners


Young Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2018

Thank you for all your excellent entries

The Winners


Overall Winner:


Zac Drury with In a Reflective Mood


Overall winnerIn a Reflective Mood

Zac is our Young Outdoor Photographer of the Year.

( pictured here with Cllr Chris Funnell, Mayor of Marlow )



Under 7s


Royal Wedding 1st Place: Luca Chipperton  with Royal Wedding


Suns Out  2ndPlace: Mia Gregory  with Sun's Out


Pound Lane and Bricks  3rd Place: Theo Moore with Pound Lane and Bricks


My Brother and Sister  Highly Commended: Scarlett Drury with My Brother and Sister


Beautiful BoatsHighly Commended: Charlie Young with Beautiful Boats in Marlow


Spikey DinosaurHighly Commended: Mia Gregory with Spikey Dinosaur





In a Reflective Mood 1st Place: Zac Drury with In a Reflective Mood

and overall winner



Like a Duck to Water  2nd Place: Joseph Mullan with Like a Duck to Water


Welcome to Marlow Bottom  3rd Place: Sam Terrett with Welcome to Marlow Bottom!


Save our Bees  Highly Commended:  Phoebe Latimer with Save our Bees


Marlow in Bloom Highly Commended:  Theo Young with Marlow in Bloom


Flower Power Highly Commended:  Daisy Drury with Flower Power!






Thirteen  1st Place: Naomi Desmond with Thirteen





Ripples in the water  2nd Place: Sophie Carter with Ripples in the Water


Sunset by the Bridge  3rd Place: Daisy O’Shaughnessy with Sunset by the Bridge


Through a hole on a cross-shaped gravestone Highly Commended: Benedict Mullan with Through a hole on a cross-shaped gravestone


Saturday Morning 10amHighly Commended: Katie Beckett with Saturday Morning 10am


Marlow on the RiverHighly Commended: Molly Lines with Marlow on the River



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Marlow Museum,
by entrance to Court Garden Leisure Centre,
Pound Lane, Marlow,
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