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River Finds - part 2


It is not surprising what you find in a busy river like the Thames, or is it?


To operate a motorboat on the Thames you need a licence. When obtained these are usually placed where river officials and Lock Keepers can see them often on the windscreen rather like the old car tax discs. In the past these were made of metal often enamelled with the boat licence number and the date of expiry, usually the year end.


The museum has a number of these from different sources some going back to the Thames Conservancy in the 1920 and 30’s and even earlier. It is said that local lads would go ‘fishing’ with magnets looking for them, with a tankard awarded to the fellow who collected the most trophies.


Here are some examples -



An even smaller item recovered from the river is a lead seal which would have been crimped over ties closing a bag or box. We wonder what was being protected by it.

(sorry no photo)


Here is a question for viewers of this page. The attached photograph shows an earthenware pot, some 5½ inches tall and 9 inches diameter with a single handle. The interior is glazed and the exterior base shows signs of burning, ie, being on a fire. Probably not a potty then but maybe a cooking pot. But no lip for pouring and only one handle. It has been suggested that it is Roman Samianware so we are seeking professional advice especially on use, age and originality. What is your opinion ?



We do have other river finds but not yet ready for display. Have you any finds to donate or loan the Marlow Museum?


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